Forthcoming Events at the PEARLS Lab


The 2 PEARLS events - Getting more from your IAPT data and Findings from the PRaCTICED Trial - have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


We will be contacting people individually and refunding any monies paid.


It is envisaged that we will run an event on the PRaCTICED Trial later next year once we have a clearer sense of how such a meeting would be viable.


We apologise for any inconvenience this cancellation may cause.


If you have any queries, please contact


Thank you



Previous visiting speakers: Clinical Psychology or Departmental seminars


October 2020: Professor Sigal Zilcha-Mano (University of Haifa): Opening the black box of psychotherapy: The trait-like state-like model of therapeutic change


October 2019: Dr Helene Amundsen Nissen-Lie (University of Oslo): How can we best develop our personal and professional qualities to maximize client outcomes? 


Image below: Helene presenting her Clinical Psychology Seminar




May 2019: Dr Kim de Jong (Leiden University, Netherlands): Using routine outcome monitoring as a feedback intervention


Image below: Kim de Jong presenting her Clinical Psychology Unit seminar 


Kim's seminar


March 2019: Dr Gary Brown (Royal Holloway, University of London): Measurement in psychotherapy outcome and process research





Previous visiting researchers


September 2019: Professor William B Stiles (Miami University, USA)


June to August 2019: Mariia Merzhvynska (University of Zurich)


Image below: Farewell for Mariia with (L to R) Mel, Mariia, Michael, Jaime, & Ben



May 2019: Julia Giesemann (University of Trier) and Dr Kim de Jong (Leiden University)


Image below: Farewell for Julia and Kim


Juila & Kim's farewell



December 2018: Dr Zachary Cohen (University of California, USA)


Image below: Zach Cohen's 5-day R stats package workshop at the PEARLS Lab


Zach Cohen's R package workshop at PEARLS



International events


July 2019: 50th Annual Society for Psychotherapy Research Meeting, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Image below:  (L to R) Kim de Jong, Julian Rubel, Jaime & Michael



July 2019: Research gathering at SPR meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Image below: (L to R) Sam Nordberg, Michael, Kim, Heidi Brattland, Julian, Jaime, & Sigal Zilcha-Mano




July 2019: Scientific meeting of the Millennium Institute for Research in Depression and Personality (MIDAP), Santiago, Chile


Image below:  Jaime's presentation entitled Precision mental healthcare: Learning from population data to personalise psychotherapy at the MIDAP conference




July 2019: World Congress of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies, Berlin, Germany


Image below: Panel on How can we develop more effective therapists, organised by James Bennett-Levy: (L to R) David Murphy, James, Helene Nissen-Lie, Michael, & Christoph Flueckiger